Collective of artists and rebel visionares

Wasted Couture is collective of artists and rebel visionaries from heart of Europe

We are friends, we know each other from Europe post- apocalyptic scene, some of our team members organize the Oldtown Festival. Our greatest asset are our complementary skills, moreover we exchange our experiences. Each one of us represents a unique style and different manufacturing techniques. We believe that together we can do what more then alone!

Custom Orders

We will be more then happy to make your dreams come true.  Show us your inspirations, pic things you love the most or tell us a story about you and we will find way to express your inside in our products.

Please, have a look how easy is that!




We have met many amazing photographers, models and make-up artist during our way. Our outfits has been parts of great and varied photoshoots we proudly present today.














We are making special orders as film costumes, scene outfits, music video stylizations and turning your ideas into reality



We are taking part in cons and fandom events. We are exhibitors, crafters and leaders of workshop or all event appearance


What Our Clients Say

“This is my new favorite thing! Beautifully made with attention to detail. Looks just like the pictures but better. They were even so kind as to send candy that I’ve never tried in this country which was really cool. I highly recommend this shop and can’t wait till warmer weather so I can wear this vest everyday!”

Sara Robinson

“If you have not purchased from WastedCouture then you are one sorry soul. I love the quality, the look and the effort that went into this. You can tell these pieces are made from a place of blood, sweat and tears. Thank you for this beautiful piece! Absolutely love it!”

Mitchell Hall

“W-O-W…….this jacket is AMAZING!!! The mastery and expertise utilized in designing this Jacket is professionalism at its best!! His attention to detail defines the meaning of artistic expression! From the placement of each stud…to the strategic design painted on the front, sides and back…this Jacket screams perfection!!! 

Anne Kovics

“So happy with my new bag!! There are little pockets on the inside too and hand stitching on the back The painting is bad ass.. I love it!”

Leah Rae

“I have no words that can truly portray the scale of awesomeness of this piece and do it justice, it’s on another level. Thank you, thank you for existing, the world needs wasted courture”

Dread Headash

“I am exceedingly pleased with this item! The craftsmanship is masterful, and it really ties together the ensemble it is being added to. The lights work well, and the power pack light has a nice variety of settings. I highly recommend this seller for your post apocalyptic needs.

Colin Pendley

Our Awesome Team

Viola Sychowska

Founder & CEO

My name is Viola and I’m from beautiful Poland! I have loved art since forever, I am a full time artist. I live for art and love taking inspiration from post-apocalypse, science- fiction, retrowave and retrofuturism.

Mark Cordory


Mark Cordory Creations.I’m a designer and props maker with 30+ years experience in the TV, Film & LARP industries, having worked for productions such as Doctor Who & Torchwood. Previous clients include Iron Maiden & Tim Burton’s ‘The Corpse Bride’.

Konrad Radziszewski


Time VehicleI like to think of post apocalypse as a new Middle Ages. Therefore, I draw inspiration from history – my style is a fusion of the early Middle Ages with steampunk. I like to create props from scratch, and some of the effects can be seen on Time Vehicle website.



Starling Design
For 30 years I have been doing custom motocycles and since I saw for the first time Mad Max, the post-apocalyptic style stole my heart. Post-apocalypse is everywhere in my work – motorcycles, furniture, accessories and clothing and in my life. .

Oskar Gurbada


Radioactive ArmoryProfessionally painter and designer. Hobbyist’s postapocalyptic armours and props crafter. Founding father of Radioactive Armory page which promote full contact fights in post apoc armours. Ex medieval re-enactmenter. From time to time drummer.

Łukasz Sieroń


Stroje PostapoI have long experience to create post-apo outfits and props. For my work I use all available materials that often have an interesting history. Each of my passion permeates another. This way I can combine them together and draw inspiration from them.

Wojciech Cysdorf


Biologist by day, crafter, well, also by day. I love postapocalyptic fashion for it’s limitless possibilities, making a work of art from anything. I’m always looking to try out new methods and combining colours atypical for a postapocalyptic palette.

Jędrzej Bugalski


The newest member of our team. Young, handsome and tallented – what else can be said? Designer, painter, drawer. He just “makes things from nothing”.



He has been in crafts for 15 years and most of his work is with raw resources such as leather, wood and all metals. With every project he tries to acquire new knowledge and skills and he is not afraid of challenges. His inspirations comes from both the past and futuristic visions of the future.

Ernest Warych

Financial Director

The only serious guy in the company. He is managing all the finances and agreements of Wasted Couture.

Jagoda Warych

Logistic DIrector

That is the girl managing all shippments and orders. She knows where is your package and when it reaches you. She knows what is even inside – because she made all the packing. Fluent transport and tracking, all because of her!

Kaja Długosz

Marketing Director

Impossible in one hour, miracle in one day. Managing Wasted Couture contacts, venues, recruiting, promo and every crazy idea.







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