Collective of artists and rebel visionares

Show us your inspirations

Tell us about your inspirations, dreams and look. Send us a pictures or photos of utfits you like, tell us about movies that took your breath, sing us a song that touch your heart or just tell us your or your character story… Just free your imagination!

See our designs

We will provide a mock up drawing of your design based on your description. Also, you will receive some questions about dimensions and sizes. Once we’ve nailed down the design we’ll provide a quote and create a special listing to you. When payment is received after placing your order, we begin production.

Look at crafting process

During the custom order production, we want to show you the magic process of creating things, so
we will send you some picture while crafting. Just because we know it’s cool! After your new dream piece is complete, we will pack it really nice for you and send it immediately.

Just write to contact@wastedcouture.com

Have a look at our customs