Rebel artist and postapocalyptic vibes

We would love to meet you!

Wasted Couture is participating in fan’s conventions, festivals. Our stand is always full of attractions – we can prepare special for your event stall with:

  • photoshoot stand where any customer can fit our costumes and have a photo on custom motorbike or post-apocalyptic car
  • alternative fashion show with our beautiful Devils
  • crafting workshops where you can build your own t-shirt or jewellery
  • … and many others

We were guests or exhibitors on:

  • OldTown Festival 2016
  • Pyrkon 2016
  • Berlin Comic Con 2017
  • Cytadela 2017
  • Silesia Bazaar vol.6 2017
  • OldTown Festival 2017
  • Pyrkon 2017